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Whether you are young or old, how you invest for the future is an important question you have to face. Whether you have a little or a lot, you want to invest in a way that is consistent with your philosophy of life and your goals for the future. You want to live with a clear conscience and with a reasonable hope that the future will be secure.


Of course, all of us who know Christ and live with an eternal perspective know that there are no sure things in this life no matter how wisely and carefully we invest. We are responsible for using the resources God gives us wisely, but our future is ultimately in His hands. We can seek His guidance and rest in His faithfulness.


As important as investing in our earthly future is, it pales in comparison to the investment we make in the Gospel and eternity. While we must, as good stewards, act prudently in this life, we must give more serious attention to Kingdom concerns. Jesus has taught us to lay up treasure in heaven and that our heart will be where we place our treasure.


There are many worthy opportunities for the serious Christian to invest in the work of the Gospel, and the beginning and most important place is your local church. But in addition to the church, there are important Kingdom investments.


This summer Vision4Living is asking you to prayerfully consider investing in touching and changing the next generation for Christ by participating in our “So Others May Grow Campaign” which will take place June 23rd through July 7th. Through this fundraising campaign, we are seeking to cast a vision for the next generation through expanding our blogging, book writing, preaching, conferences, and podcasting. These and other opportunities are before us as we seek to strengthen families and the local church. Will you join us by investing your prayers and resources in these God-given opportunities?


With hearts of gratefulness we are blessed to reflect on the following statistics from the past 6 years:


  • Since the inaugural of Passion4Christ in 2008, we have discipled and trained 500 young adults.
  • Since first traveling to Ecuador in 2010, we have reached over 2,500 kids with the gospel and trained 500 pastors, leaders, and parents.
  • Through various speaking engagements and conferences in the last five years, we have reached over 3,500 people.
  • Our blog now receives more than 1,000 hits a month.
  • Since 2008, we have developed and launched the following resources that have had international influence – Passion4Christ Summit, Family Leadership Conference, blog, and our CrossTalk Podcast.
  • Since 2010, we have networked and built solid relationships with 20 pastors and Christian leaders in our city, nationally, and internationally in order to support and undergird the local church.


Our goal is to continue to expand these ministries in order to assist the church and family to embrace and apply the Gospel in such a way that the next generation will see Christ and His Gospel as having ultimate value and worth giving their lives for. This is an investment that we are praying will span the generations for the Kingdom of God. Join us in this eternal investment, and may God be pleased to use us all for His great glory.


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Yours for the Next Generation,

Charles Cavanaugh

President of Vision4Living Ministries

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