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For the past ten years the Cavanaugh family has worked to hold a fall retreat for young adults. We and our dear brothers and sisters who volunteer their time to work with us never tire of this blessed event which has become the kickoff of our favorite time of the year. But our passion for this event is not a mere excitement for the event itself. While events come and go, it is the people who attend who make the labor and investment worthwhile, and God uses them to fuel this ongoing passion.

Passion4Christ 2018 was no exception in this regard! The new faces we see and the old friends who return stir our souls with joy and genuine enthusiasm. We enjoy watching the fellowship at the tables as they enjoy good meals and the volleyball that has become a trademark of P4C. The joyful fellowship and heartfelt hunger they exhibit spur us to make what is a relatively small investment. Their testimonies continue to encourage us with the hope that our Lord is indeed “touching and changing the next generation for Christ”.

Take the man who came years ago who said he was at the point of quitting when he came to his first P4C. His parents thanked us personally. They thought they had lost him. Then there was the man whose life was “wrecked”(his words) by what he heard. He is now married and faithfully serving Christ in his church and is in preparation for the eldership. Then there is the note from the woman who attended this year: “…thank you, thank you! … As always I am leaving encouraged, filled up, challenge, and deeply blessed. Each of you has touched my life, thank you for the love you have shown us/me.”

Perhaps this sampling of testimonies shows you why Passion4Christ is our passion. The fireplace, food, fellowship, and fun are all integral parts of Passion4Christ, but it is the eternal impact of God’s Word that matters most. It is what we anticipate and see each year. And it is what we saw this year in a quiet, out of the way retreat center in Ohio. It is why we planned and prepared for P4C 2018. It is why we look forward to the next Passion4Christ Summit. For the glory of Christ,

Charles Cavanaugh

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