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It’s Sunday afternoon, and though Pam and I are going to minister at an assisted living facility, I also have Crosstalk on my mind. Monday afternoon Daniel and I will get together for our regular production of this 15-20 minute podcast, a Gospel-centered conversation about important Biblical issues. It’s just one way Vision4Living seeks to strengthen the church and touch and change the next generation for Christ. Crosstalk uses a God-given means of mass communication to challenge the church to think and act Biblically. It is more than a conversation between a man and his son or a man and his Father. It is a call to the church to think and live Biblically. It is also your opportunity to encourage other Christians, since it is easily available to most of the people you know. Why not ask a friend to listen? This is why Vision4Living exists. Each ministry or event is an investment in the present health and future success of the church. Crosstalk is listened to by a missionary to Islam across the globe, and a single young adult in our church is a subscriber and regular listener as well. This is an indication of the potential for outreach when the world is your audience. Topics include everything from the church and theology to dating. It’s easy to subscribe and the brief format makes it a convenient resource for the laity and pastors. Our blog also addresses current events, and cultural issues from a Biblical perspective, challenging Christians to think Biblically as they wrestle with a rapidly changing social, political, and cultural landscape. The ongoing war against the truth relentlessly bombards Christians with tasty but deadly morsels of food that appear to be a worthy alternative to the nourishing bread of life. Blogging enters the arena of ideas where people are and in ways other means cannot.

Three annual events are an important part of the V4L vision. Internationally, Micah leads trips each summer to South America. The past two years the Lord has used him to build teams from his own church which he has led along with the usual Global Encounters teams. These teams share the Gospel with children and young people while encouraging pastors in their ministries. Yearly trips give opportunity to build relationships and see growth as children grow up and become leaders in the ministry that once ministered to them. Thank the Lord that Micah has had the freedom to step away from his political/governmental responsibilities for a month each summer. Ecuador has been touched, and young lives have been challenged with a broader view of this world and God’s work in it.

Another annual event is the V4L Pastors’/Ministers’ Family Picnic held at our place in the early summer. Our goal is to provide ministers and their families opportunity for relaxation with other ministering families, a good meal, and an unintimidating atmosphere of mutual fellowship in the Gospel. From the beginning of Vision4Living Ministries, we have had a desire to minister to ministers of the Gospel. We look forward to the times we have with these fellow servants, and pray that they are as encouraged in the Lord as we are. Pray with us that our Lord will be pleased to open wider doors as a result of these times together.

The largest event and the highlight of the year is Passion4Christ Summit. Hours and hours of preparation and energy are invested in this five day retreat with the next generation of the church. Over 500 different people have attended the eleven Summits over the past ten years, and many have returned multiple times. Future elders and ministers along with lay people have encountered and laid hold of the Anchor of their souls and renewed their passion for the Savior. Others have returned home to take their church life more seriously. Some are now raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Passion4Christ is more than a once a year event. It is a life-changing encounter with Christ. Your gifts in response to last year’s Reasons to Give campaign played a vital part as we prepared for this event that many have come to look forward to every year. Our prayer is that God will use Passion4Christ to prepare the next generation of the church to stand strong in the midst of a growing secularism. We would love for you to send young adults you know our way to join us at the Summit. Based on the testimonies we have heard, we believe they will not be disappointed.

Reasons to Give is your opportunity to invest in this vision. Your investment makes these things possible. Your prayers undergird the work. While it is the Lord Who gives the increase, your partnership is vital to pursuing and implementing the “vision” of Vision4Living. In a way, it seems presumptuous to ask you to support this ministry. But on the other hand, what better thing to do than to give to such a Biblical vision and what better reasons to give. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him and guide you as you prayerfully consider your part in Reasons to Give and Vision4Living Ministries.

Yours for the next generation,

Charles Cavanaugh

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