Reasons To Give: The Blessing of the Lord in 2020

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Thirteen years ago, the Cavanaugh family and those who gave their time and funds to serve with us, held the first Passion4Christ Summit. It was our hope and prayer that our Lord would give us the privilege of touching the next generation for Christ and that the Summit would be an important tool to that end. Thirteen more Summits later, we continue to thank the Lord for His blessing on P4C.

It has never been our priority to have large numbers, although at times that has been the case. Rather, our focus has been on investing God’s Word in those he brings our way with the goal of helping them to grow in grace and prepare to be effective church members and leaders of the body of Christ. While we are not large as a ministry, we are grateful to have seen the Lord work in significant ways.

This year’s P4C happened because you or some one like you made such an investment. While our numbers have not increased to the point that we cover all our costs, we did see a 16% increase in attendance. Those who came were engaged and responsive, and we saw several new faces. We hope to see them again at P4C21 with many other new faces. This is where you come in. P4C21 will happen because you and others see it as a Reason To Give. Your generosity will directly help us continue challenging the next generation to take up their cross and follow Christ. 

One of this year’s attendees shared with me that she is a new Christian and that P4C was just what she needed. The times in the Word and fellowship with other believers was a timely dose of spiritual nourishment for a new Christian. Her comments were echoed by many others as well.

In thirteens years, P4C has touched almost 600 young adults with the Word of God. We pray and ask that this year’s Reasons To Give helps add to that number in 2021!

Another platform for expanding the resources and influence of Vision4Living has been our weekly podcast CrossTalk. This year we went over 8 years and 300 episodes, which have covered a wide range of Biblical Topics for transferring our precious faith to the next generation. You may have noticed we have adopted a more professional format this year. Listeners have commented with excitement on the improvement. We brought on an experienced editor in Tom Houston, who has enhanced our sound quality through new tools and expanded our presence on other platforms for wider circulation. This has resulted in a 50% increase in listeners. None of these things are possible without the help of partners who invest in the work with us. Some invest the treasure of their time. Others invest the treasure of the money. Both are invaluable!

We also started a brand new podcast in 2020: the P4C Podcast. This podcast is comprised of thirteen years of Passion4Christ Summit messages which are divided into twenty minute segments and released each Monday. This serves as a continuing source of encouragement to past and present attendees and positive exposure for those who have never attended. 

This year’s P4C presented a new challenge as we faced regulations regarding COVID-19. While we are very grateful to have been able to hold the Summit and for the extra effort and cooperation from our staff, we did incur extra expense.

Just as last year’s donations through Reasons To Give made it possible for us to hold P4C 2020, we are praying and asking that it will be so for 2021. We can sincerely say that the Lord has given us a good year to serve Him and invest in the next generation.

Our purpose remains the unchanged, and we will continue to pursue it as the Lord gives us strength and grace. We exist to touch and change the next generation for Christ. We believe these things are Reasons To Give. We trust you do too.

In the love of Christ,

Charles Cavanaugh, Pres.

Vision4Living Ministries, Inc.

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