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For years I have dreamed of and prayed for the opportunity to work with my family to touch the next generation for Christ.  In the grace and providence of God, I have watched as Vision4Living Ministries has been born and opportunities for growth and expansion have been given.  Our heart for the Gospel, the local church and it’s leaders, and the family unit have been used by God to lead us into ministry that continues to grow.


The past year has brought significant growth to Vision4Living Ministries which has increased the demands of time and energy.  The year to come is full, and gratefully so.  We have been asked to hold a Family Leadership Conference in Tampa, FL in February.  Just a few weeks later we will hold our first Legacy Conference (April 24-26) in Evansville, Indiana.  Along with these, our seventh annual Passion4Christ Summit will be held on October 22 – 26.


As we work through these events, we will continue to produce our weekly podcast, Cross Talk, write regular blogs, and work on a book we hope to publish in the not so distant future.  2013 also brought us the blessing of serving and encouraging local pastors and Christian leaders in our area in a more involved way.  All of this lies before us as we continue to work at full-time jobs and involve ourselves in the ministry of our own local church.  All of our resources are offered for free or at a greatly reduced cost, so that as many as possible may benefit from them.


During the entire month of December and leading into January, we will be focusing on financial preparation for going through the doors the Lord is opening and fulfilling the vision of touching and changing the next generation
for Christ.  We have set a goal of $50,000 to be raised in the month of December.  While this is a substantial goal, we are asking you to pray with us and, if the Lord leads and provides, to give towards this goal.


Below is a list of the needs this money will be used to address.

~ Cross Talk podcast production – $500

~ Insurance to cover V4L & its board in legal matters – $2,500

~ New website to meet the demands of changing technology – $3,000

~ New office and administrative equipment – $4,000

~ Staff salaries to focus on productivity & open doors – $40,000


Time is short, opportunities are great, and our God is sufficient.  We will thank Him for however He may choose to use us, and we thank Him for you and however He may be pleased to use you in the work of the Gospel.


To Him alone be glory,

Charles Cavanaugh

President, Vision4Living Ministries

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