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It’s good to get away. Whether it’s an extended vacation, a short weekend, or a walk through the park, the change of scenery or break in the routine can be refreshing and rejuvenating. For those who serve in Gospel ministry, this can be extremely important. No matter what position in ministry one may hold, if you take it seriously, there is a burden that goes with the blessing. Being responsible for the souls over which the Lord has made you an overseer is a weighty matter. At Vision4Living we are aware of the blessings and struggles of ministry. Our hearts are grateful for the investment made by the Lord’s shepherds and sensitive to the special challenges they face. It is for this reason that a few years ago we started the annual ministers’ picnic. I must give credit where it is due, and say that it is the brainchild of our son Daniel. It is designed to give ministers and their families an opportunity to have fellowship with other ministers and their families, bear one another’s burdens, relax, and laugh.


That is exactly what we all had the privilege of doing in June. It also gives the Cavanaugh’s an opportunity to find out how we can pray for our brothers and sisters and encourage them in the work of the Lord (the barbecue and baked beans aren’t so bad either). The Lord blessed us with incredible weather, which served as a punctuation mark on a beautiful evening. Ministers and their families came from Evansville and Mt. Vernon, IN and Henderson, KY. It was good for them and us to share some of the blessings and burdens of ministry and to have a time with nothing to do but eat and relax. The ministers’ wives had an opportunity to enjoy fellowship in a way that does not often happen for them. Few people realize the pressures of being the wife of a man who has given his life to ministry, except others who are in the same position. It was a good time for us primarily because we enjoy seeing men and women of God get away, even if it is just for a few hours. We hope the Lord will give us that same privilege next summer. And if you know of a minister in the area who would benefit from such a time (and who enjoys good barbecue), pass his name along to us.

Charles Cavanaugh 


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