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Last week, I had the privilege to attend, yet again, another conference…with the elders and leadership from my church. The conference was T4G [Together for the Gospel] in Louisville, KY where 7000 plus gathered at the KFC Yum Center to sing the simple praises of our God and be equipped through the exposition of God’s word – John Piper, John MacArthur, Matt Chandler, and David Platt were among the featured speakers. Oh, and did I mention that we got 14 free books?! Yes, you heard right…

However, I was unprepared for what I would experience during the course of those three days we spent at T4G. And no, it was not because of the home run line-up of speakers. The messages challenged me to the core – unlike any conference I have attended. As I reflect, it was fundamentally different because the word of God was upheld and faithfully expounded on – giving us what the text was saying not man’s ideas or thoughts. The value of something like this cannot be overstated.

Yet, time will not afford me to speak about all the messages so I will just focus on one: David Platt’s message on prayer. And I will not give you all the details of the message – you can listen to the message online. But, the call and plea was to pray. Pray fervently and frequently. This is the work. In fact, it is a privilege that God has given us to storm boldly the throne of grace to be a part of the sovereign will of God coming about. Prayer is not a work it is THE work that we, and I know myself, forget often. I have left prayer off frequently. And I do not want to be unashamed to pray and therefore go forth and be a part of sharing the gospel to the lost world. He who prays for God to work and move will assuredly be emboldened and passionately aroused to be the means to live and share the gospel.

So, I was biblically challenged and encouraged and if you would like to taste a little bit of this conference take some time to click on the link below and be emboldened to be unashamed of the gospel!


T4G Messages 


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