The “Perfect” Retreat

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How would you describe the perfect retreat: a quiet secluded beach; a cabin near a mountain stream? How about 60 people at a camp facility hungry for Christian fellowship and the preaching of God’s Word? How about a volunteer staff hungry to serve those who are attending? How about the blessing of God and the joy of genuine worship?

Passion4Christ Summit was a blessed retreat for single Christians who found that Biblical doctrine is not dry, stale, or boring but foundational for life. The balance of fun, fellowship, and fervent worship served as refreshment for tired, hungry, and expectant souls. For the Cavanaugh’s, it was all we coud ever expect and more. May the blessing of the Lord be upon His Word, and may fruit abound in the lives of those who heard it. We hope to see you at P4C’12!


Charles Cavanaugh

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